January 15, 2007

life in financial markets: global equity investors investing in indian equity & debt markets

For a story that that I recently wrote in the magazine (Outlook) I work for I collated data on global equity investors investing in Indian equity & debt markets. Global equity investors have to get themselves registered as foreign institutional investors (FIIs)--or sub-accounts of FIIs--with Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) (the capital market regulator of India) before investing directly in the listed equity shares and debentures on National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange, and unlisted securities. Out of this collated data there are three bits that I share below:

1. List containing names, phone numbers and addresses of 1020 FIIs that were registered with Sebi between June 1993 and December 24 2006. This data was taken from Sebi's website www.sebi.gov.in and it does not include about 2000 FII sub-accounts about which Sebi provides no information (as at the time of writing this).

2. A geographical summation of the above list.

3. The shifting undercurrents (from March 2002 to November 2006) seen in the exposure to--and value of investments--in Indian equities and debt by FIIs, domestic (Indian) financial institutions (insurance companies, others), domestic (Indian) mutual funds, domestic (Indian) corporates and domestic (Indian) banks.

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