April 18, 2007

life in general: ratan tata begs montek ahluwalia to let off dow chemicals in bhopal toxic gas leak case

Top industrialists who are supposed to be champions of capitalism are actually the worst offenders of the core principles of capitalism. Cronyism and manipulation of government and courts are some of the ways they do it.

A classic example is the latest development pertaining to Union Carbide-Dow Chemicals role in the 1984 Bhopal toxic gas leak that killed at least 2,000 Indian citizens, destroyed the health of at least 10,000 more, heavily polluted the groundwater table in Bhopal and affected the lives of many more people in Bhopal. You get to see how one of the most popular industrialists, Ratan Tata (owner of the Tata Group of companies in India), is subtly pressurising the Indian government to let off Dow Chemicals from its responsibility in the Bhopal toxis gas leak, and how Dow Chemicals itself is clearly pressurising Indian government to do the same. Its quite pathetic, really.

In my worldview, all isms (capitalism, socialism, communism...) are nothing but different approaches to the same system that through manipulation and violence seeks to control Earth's natural resources and keep human populations subdued.

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