April 30, 2007

life in general & financial markets: titdbit on gujarat's governance

Before, during and after the genocide-like violence of February-March 2002 against Muslims in Gujarat by the BJP's Narendra Modi-ruled state government, the state of Gujarat has been running on a governance system, by and large, devoid of transparency and fairness. Many newsreports have highlighted these -- some of them is found here, here and here.

A new tidbit I came across in a recent conversation is about the procedure companies currently have to follow before setting up projects in Gujarat. Before being able to make their presentations to the Chief Minister Modi, any company's representative has to declare in detail his/her religious and political leanings, and also that of his/her father! In the conversation I was told that one such company representative, while having no problem in complying with such requirements in the interests of the business project (history is sprayed with examples of corporate greed often making companies bow to dictators and undemocratic regimes), did, however, suggest that the whole exercise smelled Gestapo-like.

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