May 14, 2007

life in general: there is nothing good about going to a prostiute whether as a local or as a tourist

Men are generally aware of exploitation of women and children in prostitution but can get tempted by a widely prevailing attitute of acceptance of having sex with prostitutes, or 'sex workers' as they are wrongly termed by the media.

Today, I came across two in-depth reports--you can read them here and here--which re-awakened my mind to the horrors of prostitution. It is not the first time I have read about such horrors but Prerana's insightful and articulate reports based on their real-life and close interactions with prostitutes in Bombay made it reinforced in me the evil of prostitution.

I have a take on the laws relating to prostitution. In almost all the countries, including India, the law aims to punish the prositutes for soliciting (despite knowing the ground reality that there would hardly be a woman who would in an environment of free choices ever prefer to offer her body to a man for money and that they are almost always forced or deceived into the profession) but not their customers. I have no doubt in my mind that prostitution can be stopped only if the customers are put behind bars and no penal action taken against the prostitutes.

In fact a civil society would actively encourage the acceptance and integration of prostitutes in the mainstream without looking down upon them. It is the man who visits a prostitute who should be taken to task by the law. The pimps and agents who force women and young girls and boys into prostitution are motivated to do so because of the high number of customers and the resultant profits. Its high time we cut off the penis...ooops...the demand!

I am serious. We men have to realise that it is just not right dominate, control and exploit women and children.

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