June 24, 2007

life in general: the phone call...the emotional catharsis

Yesterday evening, I got a phone call from a long-lost loved one with whom I had a deep connection in the past but which had a led to an extremely painful separation 12 years ago. At that time, the separation, though generally amiable, was not my initiative and what made it worse for me was that there was no heart-to-heart talk during the separation process despite my actively seeking it.

But yesterday's call was a bolt from the blue for me, although a few months ago I remember I had a dream in which this loved one and me were talking to each other. So probably that dream was a premonition of what occurred yesterday.

We spoke for 90 minutes. She said since some time she had been fighting demons from that past when she left me and wanted to call me and apologise for her part in the separation. We talked and talked, and bared our hearts out to each other in those 90 minutes.

No, we are not getting back together. She is settled in life with someone else and I am happy for her (for the record, i am single). But getting her call and listening to her voice was a kind of emotional catharsis for me, and I am sure for her too because she got a huge load off her chest by saying sorry to me.

One full hour after we said goodbye once again and disconnected the call, tears flowed freely from my eyes as I marveled at the universal energy (God force) for displaying its miraculous working. Just the night before the call, I had made a rare emotional-cum-angry outburst at my spirit guide (if you believe in astral beings and that we all have spirit guides you will understand what I am referring to) for perhaps failing to understand me accurately.

And then this call came. In my outburst I did not have her in mind. But her call will now make me achieve a very important closure on those very painful days, weeks and months of 12 years ago, and lead to healing of some deep scars connected with those days.

Such is life. Such are our spirit guides. Such is our universe. Thank you, all.

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