June 14, 2007

life in general: its started raining here!

The first real monsoon showers arrived here in Bombay at 6 pm today. Since I was working from home I could manage to click a few photos. They follow below. After 30 minutes of good rain, it subsided for the next 45 minutes, picked up momentum again for next 1 hour and 15 minutes and just now its down to a drizzle (as I write this after having uploaded the four photos below it is 8.30 pm).

My heartiest thanks to the Rain God for bestowing precious water on our parch
ed lands. I hope we get good rains throughout this season notwithstanding problems Bombayites will have in commuting and slum-dwellers will have in the form of flooding of their homes. These problems are painful but the problem of scarce water would be much more painful if we don't get sufficient rains to fill our groundwater tables and catchment lake areas.

Here are the photos then. This and this were clicked from a room's window in my
home (I stay on the fourth floor of a seven-storeyed building) that faces South and I had pointed my phone towards South West direction. The third photo was clicked from another room's window which faces to the West and my camera points to the West directly. You may not be able to make out the falling rain very clearly due to the fading evening light but when I took the photos it was raining heavily.

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