July 16, 2007

life in general: gujarat 2002-2007: genocide's aftermath

Communalism Combat magazine's latest issue (June 2007) is a focused one on the aftermath of Gujarat February-March 2002 genocide.

I read it. My sadness continues on knowing that the perpetrators of the heinous crimes in Gujarat in the 3-4 weeks from February 28, 2002, have not been brought to justice in the courts of our country. But we should still continue to seek justice and also do all that we can to prevent such horrors from repeating themselves again.

Here are the links to the issue's stories:
Communalism Combat, June 2007
Editorial: Why we cannot forget
Introduction: Gujarat 2002-2007: Genocide’s aftermath
Compensation: Betrayal by the state
Mass Graves: Mass graves and missing lives
Crime and Punishment: The charge sheet
Hindu Taliban: Pockets of resistance , Assault on ideals , Cultural fascism , Hating Muslims is a natural thing in Gujarat , Shadows and silences

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