July 23, 2007

life in journalism: my resignation from outlook

Two weeks ago, I put in my papers at Outlook group where I have worked as a journalist for last 10 years. I wrote for Outlook Money till mid-December 2006 and thereafter for the weekly Outlook. I am joining Business World magazine from August 1, 2007.

Here is my resignation letter I sent to my immediate boss, Alam Srinivas, business editor in Outlook, and to the overall chief, Vinod Mehta, editor-in-chief:

July 13, 2007

Vinod Mehta & Alam Srinivas,

My Resignation

Dear Vinod & Alam,

As per my email to Alam on Tuesday, July 10, about my decision to accept an offer from Business World to join them, I would like to resign from Outlook.

As with most aspects of life, no matter whom we interact—or work—with, I have had a mix of enlightening, fun, useful, wonderful, tough, challenging and at times distressing experiences in my 10-year stint with Outlook group (I joined the group on September 17, 1997 as a member in the then-Intelligent Investor founding team).

The last seven months with you and main Outlook also had a similar mix of rewards and concerns. I do not expect anything fundamentally different in my new workplace but there is always some further improvement one hopes for in a change and that is how I am seeing it too.

I hope the readers of Outlook Money and Outlook have derived something useful and enjoyable for themselves from my contributions to the extent they got reflected in the published stories. I hope these readers have got—and would continue to get—the same from many other stories in Outlook. My brightest wishes remain with you both and everyone else in Outlook.

I would appreciate it if I can be relieved as of the end of this month, that is July 31. I would also require a release letter from Outlook as a matter of formality since it is required to be presented at the new place.

Bright regards,

Rajesh Gajra

PS: I am sending this same letter—one each—to both of you.

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