August 11, 2007

life in general: handcuffed boy in midnight local train

This Wednesday, I was returning home from work at 11.45 pm by the local suburban train and I saw in the compartment a young boy standing with his right hand handcuffed to the left hand of a man. See the 2 photos alongside which I took from my mobile phone with great difficulty without letting anyone around know (thats also the reason why the photos are not crystal clear, i just couldn't aim my cameraphone openly and click). The young boy is dark blue shirt and the man is grey shirt. The man had two accomplices who are not seen in the photos.

I don't know what exactly we can deduce but any of atleast two things are possible:
- the man and his 2 accomplices are cops in plain clothes and they are taking that young boy to some police station
- they are cops but are, god forbid, taking that boy to bump him off in a fake encounter case.

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