September 09, 2007

life in general-&-financial markets: capital/communis/social--ism

Worldwide, many hold passionate views on the three
isms -- capitalism, communism and socialism. I, for one, think that all the three of them are the same in respect of good effects and bad effects, for the simple reason that each of them involve human management. The effects are good if humanity is not forgotten by the practitioners of any of the isms and the effects are bad if humans get driven by greed and manipulative tendencies.

The objectives of all three of them are to benefit a majority of mankind. But one sees cronyism in all of them. Many capitalists run their businesses in a manner which violates the basic tenets of capitalism -- including that of transparent and fair competitive bidding. Many communists exploit the very downtrodden classes whose rights they claim to uphold. Socialists allow anti-social elements to hold too much power in their system.

isms that I would prefer are humanism and environmentalism. Provided, of course, humans practise it fairly.

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