October 28, 2007

life in general: two videos of my july visit to village on narmada river shoreline

This is a follow-up to my
28 July 2007 post on my visit to a village in Madhya Pradesh on the shoreline of Narmada river with regard to the issues surrounding the huge Sardar Sarovar Dam on the river and consequent displacement of villagers, submersion of villages in water and diversion of dam water to corporates and industries at cheap rates.

In that post, among other stuff, I had given a link to a video I had taken during my visit. In this post, I am giving link to two other videos taken during my visit that I have been able to upload to YouTube. One is a conversation I had with an elderly lady (Maushi) of Eklara village near the Narmada shoreline and the other is a general video of a flock of goats and three children.

These videos give a visual idea of what kind of villages, villagers, village life, animal life will get uprooted when they come under submersion due to the ever-increasing height of the Dam.

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