November 19, 2007

life in general: (part 2) left's modi on rampage again, centrist congress leeches off the situation

West Bengal state's Communist Party (Marxist)-ruled government's involvement in--and defence of--this month's massacre of villagers in Nandigram district, is unfortunate though not unexpected. There is no political party of India who is clean or even least manipulative -- none whatsoever, not Congress, none else.

Newreports last week continued to highight the horrors perpetrated by CPM goons in Nandigram:

Smash and grab

Photo: ABP

Hundreds killed, raped and driven out, and the remaining made to join victory marches. The CPM was unwaveringly brutal in Nandigram

Night without end
'I was raped by CPM men, my two girls raped and abducted’ Gangrape victim’s house vandalised, police say can’t go there, ‘too tense’
‘CPM imposing fines on those willing to return’
Editorial: Nandigram’s spectre
Helped by officials, CPM cadres strike fear to control Nandigram

There are newsreports on the prior involvement of Maoists in Nandigram. See Maoists admit presence in Nandigram and In Nandigram, Maoist newcomers take over ‘resistance movement’ . But I think Maoists involvement is not predominant, otherwise CPM would have provided hard evidence to back up their allegations. They have provided only conjectures uptil now.

Even assuming that Maoists were involved in some aspects then the question still stands as to why weren't state police authorities arresting them after having got the necessary evidence that Maoists were breaking the law of the land in Nandigram. What business had CPM's party goons in Nandigram to indulge in large-scale violence and atrocities against all villagers that opposed them? All villagers opposed to CPM were--and are--not Maoists.

The actual opposition group in Nandigram, Bhoomi Uchched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC), is not comprised of Maoists. One can read an insightful write up by one of their members in Tehelka's latest issue -- "They kill people like birds".

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