February 25, 2008

life in general: "i sit here watching..."

"I sit here watching..."

10.45 pm, Monday, 25 Feb '08: As I sit here watching, on my notebook computer, Parzania movie (I did a review of this movie exactly a year ago in February 2007) for probably the umpteenth time I am yet again moved deeply by the many moments and scenes in the movie.

Of those many scenes, I wish to describe just one in this post -- it involv
es the American character in the movie typing in his typewriter and commenting on the Parsi woman (played by Sarika) who lost her son in the Gujarat genocide of February-March 2002. He types, "I sit here watching the strongest woman I have ever known understanding that the Lord only gives a person a burden they are strong enough to handle; that the burdens must fall somewhere in this world and when they fall on you it is not just a test but a symbol that life knows you have the strength to endure them. Never in my life I would have guessed that religion could both be the cause of the problem and the solution."

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