February 17, 2008

life in general: when will we (india) guarantee a life of dignity to our sisters and daughters?

It is not the first time we get to read about the heinous crime of rape and also not the first where the victims are little girls. But I am absolutely nauseated to read about the 15 February rape of a 12-year old girl by a Railway Protection Force constable and 6-7 other accomplices at the slum cluster near the Kanpur railway station (below, at the end of this post, is a complete news report on this incident; some other newsreports on it are here and here).

A majority of personnel working in the various police forces in India have become utterly corrupt and immoral. Their political masters are not any better. In the meanwhile, the majority of affluent and middle-class urban Indians are so steeped in their mindless consumeristic lifestyle that they won't even raise a murmur of protest against the horrific crimes taking place in their cities.

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I pray that the mother, father and siblings of that 12-year old little girl, who was killed after being raped, get justice. Such a crime is the rarest of rare and if the police authorities of the state of Uttar Pradesh and in the entire country as a whole have any shame then they should leave no stone unturned to provide justice to the tragically-devastated family of that little girl. To begin with they should release to the media the entire details of the culprits; right now the media reports don't even give the full name of the RPF constable.

We see such crimes happening in a scattered manner across the country with ominous frequency. We have also seen worse -- organised sexual violence against women of minorities in Gujarat in 2002, in Bombay and Surat in 1993 and in Delhi in 1984. What kind of India is this where we can't guarantee a life of dignity for our fellow sisters and daughters?

Here is one of the newsreport on the shocking incident:

Kanpur rape: 4 suspects held
17 Feb 2008, 0136 hrs IST,Faiz Rahman Siddiqui, TNN

KANPUR: A 12-year-old girl was gangraped in front of seven younger siblings allegedly by eight people in Kanpur. The incident came to light only after the victim's mother, Sarita, who was away in Delhi to borrow money from her relatives to get her husband Rajesh Keshari released from the Naini Central Jail in Allahabad, returned late Friday night.

The post-mortem confirmed that the girl was raped and later killed. The police have handed over the body to her mother, a daily-wage labourer.

Kanpur SSP Anand Swaroop said four suspects, identified as RPF constable Vinay, contractor Amar Singh, Santosh Kesharwani alias Lambu and Pappu alias DV, have been taken into custody.

The girl's mother claimed the constable, Vinay, had recently arrested Rajesh, who used to work as a vendor at the Kanpur Central Railway Station and sent him to jail on fake charges. Sarita, who belongs to Sasaram in Bihar, said, "The accused had tried to outrage my daughter's modesty earlier too. When I objected, RPF constable Vinay and other accomplices threatened me with dire consequences."


Rajesh said...

By mistake, a comment pertaining to this post was made in the comments section in the next post (http://natant.blogspot.com/2008/02/life-in-general-part-3-lefts-modi-on.html).

I give a cut-&-paste of this comment below, and after it follows my response to it:

sunaina said...
its truly horrible....
i think the citizens of kanpur and the whole nation should come fwd to make sure that such inhumane and cruel culprits get hardest of the punishments...so that never a child is subjected to the barbarous incident like this...
it seems like a torturous scene from the most horrific imagination!!!
may her soul have peace....
10:25 PM IST

My response:

Yup, Sunaina. Such horrific crimes do deserve swift punishment. You have made relevant points and I would encourage you to write to the editors of newspapers and TV news channels expressing your views on this matter or any other matter that you feel strongly about.

Here are some email addresses of readers' section of some papers and news channels whom you could write to:
htmetro@hindustantimes.com, editet@timesgroup.com,
speakup@dnaindia.net, mytimesmyvoice@timesgroup.com,
mirrorfeedback@indiatimes.com, editor@expressindia.com, editor@ibnlive.com

When writing to editors, give a reference to the news item and its date. Also, give your name at the end and to make a proper impact give your contact details too.

revathi said...

Hi Rajesh
i read the article its truely atrrocious and such an shamefull act .... these people should be punished severely .... as a media student i strongly sugeest our indian media to bring this issue and help the child's parents to get the justice ....

revtahi anand

Rajesh said...

Hi Revathi, that incident was truly atrocious and the child's parents ought surely to get justice... i also hope you can write to editors of newspapers and TV news channels expressing your views on the matter.. some email addresses are provided in my previous comment in this post...you mention you are a media student... are you doing a course in journalism?

revathi said...

rajesh itwas nice to reply to my response...... yes i am doing my mass communications that is a post grauation in journalism note down this is my email id revtianand@gmail.com do let me if there issues like i will also fight for injustices i cannot see my country goin in wrong hands i would render all my support to u


Rajesh said...

hi revathi, all the best for your post-graduation in journalism... the profession needs committed journalists although you will have to handle a lot of problems when you actually start working, but again which are not insurmoutable if you stay focussed on the core reasons of your wanting to be a journalist..

i have noted down your email addess.. but is the id you gave spelt correctly, you gave ur id as revtianand@gmail.com... is this correct? u too feel free to write to me at rgajra(at)gmail(dot)com


revathi said...


my mail id is revtianand@gmail.com
thank you very much .... send me some nice articles so that i cud give response to and also give me some topics i wud write articles to u .