April 13, 2008

life in general: khuda ke liye

Ten days ago, a bit by accident and a bit by design, I watched Khuda Ke Liye movie at
Regal theatre (my most favorite theatre in Bombay, its in Colaba in southern Bombay).

The movie beautifully showcases the difficult times many Muslims all the world going through due to the regressive attitude of Islamic extremists and the hypocrisies and closed-mindedness of
non-Muslims towards Muslims.

I must say that it is among the most powerful and meaningful movies I have ever seen. The script is insightful and powerful, the music is soulful, the acting is good, in fact everything about the movie is worth watching.

I have always respected film makers who have had the courage to question the extremism of any organised religion. Christianity (followed by those who call themselves Christians) has been questioned many times by filmmakers of its faith. With Khuda Ke Liye made by a Muslim fi
lmmaker I think to a reasonable extent Islam (followed by those who call themselves Muslims) has been questioned.

Strangely, though, the regressive tenets of Hinduism (followed by those who call themselves Hindus) have, to the best of my knowledge, not been bought out by any filmmaker in India. Bits and pieces have been covered but the issue as a whole has not been
addressed by any Hindi movie made in India. The same, as per my knowledge, applies to the Indian/non-Indian movie industry with regard to Sikhism (followed by those who call themselves Sikhs), Judaism (followed by those who call themselves Jews) and Zoroastrianism (followed by those who call themselves Parsis).

See some excerpts from Khuda Ke Liye on YouTube here, here, and here. If you like the music and the songs in the movie you can download free full mp3 clips here.

Do not miss this movie!

I also particularly took delight in the scenes shot in the tribal region on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and also the chirpy little girls shown as staying in a family in a village there.

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