May 04, 2008

life in general: keeping head cool!

It is not only some of the negative things happening around us that raises the temperature in my head but come summertime in Bombay from late March to mid-June it is our star Sun's rays that roasts the head. While the former's solution depends on external factors and how I intepret them the latter problem can be handled to an extent by just removing all the hair from the head. And that is what I did 2 weeks ago!

Check the end result alongside as clicked by my colleague during an editorial meeting in office.

Going bald once or twice a year (the second time in a city like Bombay can be during the hot autumn months of September and October) can keep your head cool as otherwise the hair traps the heat and makes you perspire heavily on both the sides of the head above the ears. There are fringe benefits too -- (i) the hair grows back fully in 2 months time, but for a month I do not even to worry about using a comb and (ii) if you have a recurring dandruff problem then it is significantly kept in check when there is less or no hair on the head.


slash said...

ae takle! i think there is a 3rd benefit also. If you cross swords with me, I can give you a rap on your head; with no hair on it, rest assured it will have a much greater impact

Rajesh said...

worry about your hand getting injured when it tries to do that! yeh takla ekdam kadak hai!