June 19, 2008

life in general: sunrise effect 10 km above ground!

This photo was taken by me from a window seat of the 3 June 2008 Bombay-Seoul Korean Air flight (i was traveling to seoul in south korea where i stayed for two days). The time was 5.15 am and we were above north-east India at this time.

The view is of the west/northwest side (I was sitting on the left side of the plane). The sun had just begun to rise in the East. The effect of the sunrise was beautiful on the western side! The white clouds below should not be mistaken for Himalayas!

As an aside, I found it baffling that, except me, almost every passenger on this flight who were sitting on window seats had kept their window shutters down and were sleeping! Our flight had taken of at about 3.30 am from Bombay and within 90 minutes almost all the plane passengers, except me, were sleeping!
There is so much of beauty in the views outside that a lot of air travelers fail to see! Wake up, people!

What was worse was that even when the passengers on my flight were awake by 8 am, half of them still kept their window shutters fully down for the rest of the journey (total flight time was only 7 hours).

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