August 30, 2008

life in general: looking up!

Looking up? Eh?!

Financial markets in India and elsewhere looking up? Nah! Not now. It could, though, after another year or so. Till then, sit back and relax!

But what's looking up or what ought to be looking up are we humans! In our daily lives, we are all the time either looking at our computer/TV screens or horizontally straight ahead or down. Do we look up? We could do with a lot of looking up, up in the sky. The photo below is a view of the beautiful sky line outside my home window. The white clouds effect is also lovely. I took the pic at about 11 am three days back (27 August). In the photo you are looking to the south. I stay on the fourth floor of a seven-storeyed building.


slash said...

That's what girls say. You shouldn't be saying "look up". kya re gajra! get your fundas right. slash fundas!

Rajesh said...

bakwaas mat kar, kayezad! innuendos apart, can you decipher the secret code of the universe in the white cloud formation in the pic?!

slash said...

There are no white, grey or black clouds in the mutual funds industry. The panorama is very clear because of the high standards and transperency prevelent in the industry. It's like a crystal, clear sky.

The only cloud cover in front of me is one that emanates from Mozilla Firefox browser; it clouds the sheer calousness and lack of any creativity displayed by any internet browser.

Rajesh said...

Kayezad, why get your distorted mutual fund fundas (slash them for good!) in this nature-related post?! And why drag the poor good old Mozilla Firefox in the picture?! Kya kar raha tu? :-)