August 13, 2008

life in general: ubuntu - a linux OS

At last I did it! Yesterday (12 Aug) evening, my friends Ajay Shah and Susan Thomas, helped me install Ubuntu, a Linux operating system, on my HP-Compaq 2210b notebook. It was quite smooth with us even retaining a dual boot system -- when I switch on my notebook I am asked to choose between Ubuntu and Windows Vista. Isn't that wonderful?

There are some teething problems, though. I have to find a Ubuntu/Linux-compatible internet-connection software for my Nokia 6233 handset which is my only source for internet connectivity (I use Vodafone's and Airtel's GPRS to connect to the web through my Nokia handset that is connected, via a USB wire, to my notebook).

Freedom from Bill Gates' Windows is now a reality! I am pleased with myself. And many thanks to Ajay and Susan!

Update (13 August):
With the help of a googled result on an Indian linux user's attempt to connect his GPRS-enabled GSM phone to the internet on Ubuntu, I could also succeed in connecting my Nokia 6233 to the internet using Vodafone (its GPRS is active on my number) on Ubuntu. It took me over an hour of fiddling with a file 'wvdial.conf' that I had to create and edit. The nice thing in ubuntu is that you can use the Run prompt to do all this and learn at least one or two things that the programmers use.


slash said...

Congratulations Gajra! Exactly at what time in the evening this event happened?

Rajesh said...

Thanks but no thanks Kayezad! This event has been recorded in posterity and you will read about it in the technology history books in your next lifetime's school days!!