September 14, 2008

life in general: tragic bomb explosions in delhi

Another tragic incident. Around 30 were killed and over 100 were injured when 5 bombs exploded in different parts of Delhi yesterday (13 Sep '08). One prays for the peace of the souls of those who were killed in this terrorist act and prays for the well-being of those injured.

The media is full of news reports (read here, here and here) of an email purported to have been sent by a Muslim group that calls its Indian Mujahideen.

I am getting an uncomfortable feeling that a dangerous game is being played out in the way what the media is being fed from the police and through emails (that anyone can create, send and use material available from public, private or police sources). The impressions about the perpetrators of the bomb blasts that is sought to be created could very easily be misleading. I wouldn't rule out the involvement of non-Muslim extremist groups in yesterday's incident, although I wouldn't put it beyond the Muslim extremist groups either.

Only a neutral investigation will bring out the real truth. The chances of that happening are however not bright.

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