October 09, 2008

life in general&financial markets: yo yo! what a 'lament'!

The other day, my colleague, Venky, asked me whether I wanted to hear mp3 songs of a group called Deep Forest. I said "Sure!" and then copied about 7 songs of this group on my computer. I heard them and liked most of them. Among the songs is one titled 'Lament' that I have taken a liking to and have been listening to a lot in the last 2-3 days (this is a typical behaviour on my part as far as music is concerned -- if i like a song too much then i go overboard in listening to it till i get sick of it!).
Anyway, the song is kind of funny, sweet, lilting, all at the same time -- 'funny' because of the repeated 'yo yo yo yo' sung by a male singer that reminded me of the currently yo-yoing financial markets and the 'lamenting' investors, sweet because because of japanese/mongolian lyrics sung by a female chorus and lilting because of the tune which the two French guys of the group took inspiration from a Mongolian composer! Well, what the heck! You too can listen to it immediately at http://in.youtube.comwatch?v=2QEYOMpsEOk.
In the meanwhile, while financial market participants lament on their falling portfolios I will lament about the distortions and hypocrisies prevailing in Indian-&-global geo-politics, business-politics and the politics of 'terrorism'.
And I leave you with the Mongolian/Japanese lyrics of 'Lament' sung by a female chorus (in-between the 'yo yo yo yo' by the male singer) that I picked up from here:
Mandaj gardaj nara shnghenee
Manataygaa hoyoulaa daa huo

Martagdashghuy gurvan jill bolsson bolochigh

Mansuurahh noyrondoo hoyoulaa daa huo

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