December 31, 2008

life in general: last day of the english year in a long-distance train!

I share some pics I took at about 2 pm today (as I write this it is 3 pm) in a long-distance train (Paschim Express) from Bombay to Punjab that left Bombay at 11.30 am today. I am on way to Faridabad that is just 10 kms before Delhi.

The first pic (to the left) is a scene from the west side of the moving train of open spaces near the Arabian Sea between Dahanu and Vapi.

The second pic (to the right) is that of me sitting on my berth in the train.

The third pic is that of my laptop which I am posting this here real-time!

Updated at 4 pm: A fourth pic taken from my window seat of the view on the west between Navsari and Surat. Although this pic shows greenery, cows and water, the real ugly truth about industrial Gujarat is in the un-paralleled pollution of air, water and ground by toxic chemical industries, fertiliser companies and petrochemical monoliths.

Updated at 4.30 pm: The point I was making above the unprecedented levels of air, water and ground pollution in Gujarat: here is just a sample: a pic I took a few kms after Surat from the window facing west from the moving train. See below:

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