December 03, 2008

life in general: revenge for the sake of it is not wise...

World over, today, many intelligent people in governments, militaries, police forces, companies, political parties, bureaucracies etc tend to believe that a wrong should be avenged. All conflicts of the world, whether involving multiple countries or internal groups in a country, have a major dose of revenge for past (recent or historic) wrongs built into them.

My thoughts on this:

1. Revenge for the sake of it is no good at all.. I am, however, all out for the strongest forms of self-defense against future real threats. And if it means striking the sources of those threats then so be it. But this should be without any loss of innocent civilian life. If that is not possible, then I am not for it and would then focus majorly on strengthening internal defenses which anyway should be done regardless of anything else.
Also, the threats should be real. Not like the bogey of 'weapons of mass destruction' that the Bush-Cheney gang of thugs had come up as a sorry excuse to attack, invade and brutally occupy Iraq.

2. Don't commit any wrongs to others and others will not feel the need to take revenge on you . The same logic (as I presented in '1' above), however, applies to those whom we would have wronged.

3. Even when revenge is sought to be extracted by mis-guided extremists of all hues then it should be a real revenge and not cowardly attacks on innocent bystanders and civilians. So, if Hindu extremists, are pained at something that Muslims did 400 years back in India then where is the logic for taking revenge on the current generation of Muslims? The Muslim perpetrators of 400 years back are all dead. The same logic applies to Muslims' ire against Israel and some others in the western world.
Also, the last week's Muslim extremists terrorists who attacked Bombay should have known that killing general citizenry is not just a horrendous thing to do but cowardly too. Will they ever have the guts to take on directly the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Narendra Modi? Will Modi and his gang of terrorists in Gujarat ever have the guts to take on the mullahs and royal family of Saudi Arabia for funding and supporting worldwide Muslim extremism, instead of murdering innocent Muslim children, women and men who are Indian citizens?

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