December 04, 2008

life in general: the miraculous hibiscus tree!

A little over a year ago, my naturopath practitioner, Raj Merchant, whom I have been going to for health/ailments advise/treatment for about 18 months now, made me aware of a small tree that is commonly found all over in Bombay and perhaps other cities/places in India and elsewhere. This is the Hibiscus tree.

I had skin infection on my right thigh and in one quick look at the infected part he diagnosed it as not an isolated skin infection problem but a stomach indigestion and hyper-acidity problem that was causing the skin infection. He told me to chew & eat the leaves or flowers of the Hibiscus tree and I will be allright.

(the pic to the left is that of a Hibiscus small tree that I took in August '08 outside a building in Bombay)

I did that (chewed & ate the leaves from a Hibiscus tree in the compound of my residential building) and it worked miraculously. My skin infection was gone in 3 days! The leaves/flowers that become gummy when chewed removes the toxins and excess acids from the intestines and throws them out. They also act as a laxative for those who suffer from constipation.

Since then I have continued to chew Hibiscus leaves 1/2/3 times a week and must say it is a miracle tree. A little bit more about its health virtues -- here & here.

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