January 26, 2009

life in general: universe, sun, divinity & worli sea face!

At times, I feel like connecting to my spiritual self from one of my most favorite places in Bombay -- the Worli Sea Face! Today was one such day. I went there at about 5.30 pm and stayed there till about 6.15 pm. I needed this connection badly today and I did get some wonderful peace in the time I was there. I consider Sun to be a living being and I thanked it for being there in our solar system providing us with the main source of life. At Worli sea face, I am also able to connect to the universal energy universe much more easily as the sea and the skies are clear, vast and beautiful! Today, the sea breeze was strong and felt very nice.

Below is a pic I took of the one-of-the-two divine periods of the day, Sunset (the other is Sunrise), at about 6.10 pm:

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