May 16, 2009

life in general: numerical analysis of indian election results

Votes cast in the elections here in India this month (May 2009) got counted today.

I have done some number crunching of the results of the general elections in India of March 1998, July 1999, March 2004 and May 2009. Results for the latest, May 2009 elections, are not completely available and the data below is as of 5.50 pm today (16 May).

In my analysis I have not considered who won, who lost. Instead I have just taken the total number of votes cast for the parties and independents-as-an-aggregate.

The results from my data analysis is given in the image below (click on it to see it enlarged and fully clear). It depicts a growing number of votes being cast for independent candidates along with an increasing share of their votes in the total. The largest parties, who end up coming in power, are getting lesser and lesser number of votes. Some people are beginning to realise, like I did 10-15 years ago, that every large political party is corrupt and unsuitable to receive their votes.

Here is the result (click on it to see it enlarged and fully clear):

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