May 30, 2009

life in journalism: editors in india have zero leadership qualities

If world-renowned management experts/gurus were to observe how the top 2-4 editors in most Indian media publications/newsTVchannels interact with the journalists in their team they will be absolutely horrified. There is absolutely no leadership quality among editors in Indian media. They are among the worst people-managers in the world of companies, business and government. (the cartoon alongside is courtesy

Many top editors here are autocratic in their behaviour with the journalists in their publications/channels. And that is such a shame as it makes the profession of journalism more vulnerable to internal moral corruption, ethics' degradation and exploitation by the outside world of companies, politicians, bureaucrats and other state organs.

It is not that these editors don't have the ability to acquire good leadership qualities. But their inflated egos or severe insecurities make it difficult for them. They are able to get away there is absolutely no one above them overseeing the process and holding them accountable for their unhealthy behaviour. Quite many of them even consciously operate under the assumption that they do not need to have any good leadership skills.

This is not say that similar regressive attitudes are not found in junior editors and journalists. But the top 2-4 editors have a complete control over operations and therefore inflict the most severe damage on the profession of journalism. Anyway, I hope that at least some of them are able to overcome their egos/insecurities for the betterment of Indian journalism.

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