July 07, 2009

life in financial markets: invest in green ETFs

The next 5-30 years is going to be the best years for green energy companies and if you are an investor in global markets having access to global exchange-traded-funds listed on exchanges such as NYSE-Euronext and London Stock Exchange then I would strongly encourage you to go out and there and buy green or alternate energy ETFs.

You could invest once every month in one or more of these ETFs. After accumulating about 10-15 such ETFs you could add to these ETFs plus occasionally keep picking up other or new ETFs in the field of green energy.

I know of at least two such ETFs that can be immediately invested in. The first is Van Eck Global Alternate Energy that is listed on NYSE-Arca and designed to mimick the Global Ardour Index. The second one is
ETFS DAXglobal Alternative Energy Fund that is listed on London Stock Exchange and designed to mimick the Daxglobal Alternative Energy Index.

Even investors in India should invest in these rather than putting their money in environmentally and socially unfriendly companies such as Reliance Industries, other Reliance companies, DLF, Unitech, pharma companies, Sterlite, Sesa Goa and pesticide-manufacturing companies.

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