August 30, 2009

life in financial markets: which commodities (in derivatives) trade more in india?

I was having a look at the 28Aug09 trading value numbers of the derivative contracts traded on the two commodity derivatives exchanges in India – National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX). The idea was to get a sense of which commodities are currently attracting the most trades on both the exchanges.

I give below two tables (click on the two images to see the tables enlarged and clear) that give each commodity’s percentage of total traded value. But, in brief, it is seen that futures on Guar Seed, Chana, Soya Oil, Soyabean, Turmeric and Guar Gum dominated the trading on NCDEX while futures on Crude Oil, Copper, Gold, Silver, Nickel and Natural Gas dominated the trading on MCX.

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