November 25, 2009

life in general: india's regressive stance on climate change mitigation measures

India, China and some other economically-growing countries are refusing to commit to any global measures to reduce emissions of Earth-harmful carbon dioxide and other Earth-harmful gases. The logic is that the already-large economies have, in the last couple of decades, grown on the back of severe emissions and so these large economies should first cut down drastically on their emission levels.

So far, this line of argument is fair. The large economies should actually, and concretely, reduce their emissions.

But after this, the egg-headedness of India, China etc comes into play. Saying that they will not commit to emission-reductions is a regressive decision. The next 2-3 decades will see the highest harmful-gases emissions, on our Mother Earth, from China and India if it goes on at the current rate.

According to the ruling political forces from India & China the large economies became large only because of their past, un-hindered, emissions and so their growth can not be stunted. But in this argument it is forgotten that more than half of what is produced in countries such as India and China is consumed in the already-large economies. So, instead of cribbing, India and China should impose an extremely-large carbon tax on all its exports to the already-large economies. In the policy matters on environment and emissions, the guts to take on the western large economies should be in this fashion rather than simply say we will not commit to emissions and go on polluting and producing cheap goods and services that is lapped up by consumers in the western countries.

Also, India's and China's un-checked and rampant emissions by its industries are going to do more harm, than good, to their own populations. They will do well to remember this.

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