December 13, 2009

life in financial markets & general: food gets expensive in india

My country was abundant in natural resources until the industrialists, consumers and likes of Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh decided to fiddle too much with the nature's bounty in the name of 'development'.

Vagaries of climate, particularly rainfall, induced by global warming and other harmful consequences of mankind-generated toxic gases' emissions in the atmosphere and destruction of ecology, are creating with agriculture in India. And the Indian government is outright refusing to play its part in bringing down such emissions.

Anyway, agriculture-rich India is since the last couple of years facing a problem in keeping up the produce of essential food items such as grains, pulses and vegetables. The soil of India has also been badly affected by excessive use of chemical fertilisers and insecticides (that government calls as "green revolution").

Prices of food items have shot up by 50% and more in the last one year. See the graph below that shows India's Wholesale Price Index and the food index (click on the image to see it enlarged & clear).


Shailendra said...

Well said Sir, Despite of having a rich land with us we are not able to fulfill the necessities of our country. I think Government has to do nothing with the Local masses that are dying everyday because of starvation. Food inflation has not only affected the poor class but all the classes exist in the society. When you go the market to buy something you have to think twice, what to buy and what to eat.

Rajesh Gajra said...

True, Shailendra. The Prime Minister and other ministers and bureaucrats and industrialists are either ignorant or corrupt or a mix of both when it comes pursuing the right policies when it comes to agriculture. They attempt to destroy the natural resources of our country in the name of 'development'. But they will fail eventually. I see a India where the citizens (including affluent ones) and the media awaken to the realities and stop the corruption and ignorance of the Prime Minister, other ministers, politicians and bureaucrats and industrialists.