April 15, 2010

life in general: hindi film music & sukhwinder singh

I hardly ever watch any new Hindi movies. However, the one good thing about Hindi, and Indian, film industry is the music and songs, although the picturisation of the songs are often dumb and many a time obscene. Anyway, I have always enjoyed good music, good musicians and good singers churned out by the Indian film industry. 

The one singer-cum-musician that has pulled my heart strings in recent time has been Sukhwinder Singh. The song that touched me deeply was his heart-rending singing of 'Shabd Gurbani' in the movie Halla Bol (among the occasional movie I watched 2 years ago on my computer notebook). Now, I am not moved by religious stuff and this song is based on Sikhism's scriptures. But the soft song absolutely moved me. 

Sukhwinder Singh was also the music director of Halla Bol. Click here to listed to his lovely rendition of an elegant Gurbani. The lyrics of this song was written by Dushyant Kumar and Sameer. Another beautiful song from the movie is Barsan Lagi sung by Sneha Pant and whose lyrics are written by Sameer and Dushyant Kumar. Listen and let the music touch you deeply.

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