April 11, 2010

life in general: oh deer! get liberated.


I came across this simple and mild, yet quite inspirational, humour piece on the internet today. Read it below.

Dandy the Deer
...didn't live in a cold land or even in a Park, but in a book on page 99...

There was once a little deer, whose name was Dandy Jim. He didn't live in a cold land or even in a Royal Park, but in a book on page 99. It was a most attractive book, and was called All About Animals, and it was given to a little girl, whose name was Sarah.
Quite often Sarah used to leave the book open, and then Dandy Jim could look out at the real green trees from the window-sill, but when she didn't look at the book for days and days, he was just squashed up with two hundred other pages, and that wasn't very nice.
Then one morning, much to his delight, he clearly heard Sarah say: "Shall I take a book to look at on the picnic, Mummy?"    "All right, dear," replied her Mummy, "but no more than one or two."
Dandy Jim just hoped with all his might that one of the books would be his-and it was! Dandy Jim was just able to peep through the pages, and much to his great joy he saw that he was in a deer park. For the very first time, he was looking at real deer.
As the books dropped to the ground, Dandy Jim cried with delight as page 99 fell open, and there above him was the clear blue sky and the green leaves of the big oak. Standing by a little stream nearby, Dandy Jim saw a young deer. Dandy was so excited that he jumped out of the book to take a closer look.
When Dandy Jim stood beside his new friend, they rubbed their noses together as much as to say "How do you do." Then off they went together, through the avenue of trees, to play with the other deer. They had such a lovely time, but which was Dandy Jim, no one ever knew, because he looked the same and stayed with them for ever.

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