September 09, 2010

life in financial markets: 7% of vodafone group's revenues are from india

Vodafone Group is in the news in India due to the Bombay High Court disallowing its petitition against the Indian Income Tax Department's claim of Rs 123 billion (Rs 12,300 crore) for capital gains tax on Vodafone's about Rs 900 billion (Rs 90,000 crore) cost of acquiring Hutchison Essar 2-3 years back.

How much does Vodafone earn from India? Vodafone Group, the London-listed company, had a total turnover of Rs 3,318 billion (Rs 331,800 crore) for four quarters up to the quarter-ended June this year, according to Bloomberg data. But how much of this is earned from Vodafone's operations in India is not known.

The Bloomberg data gave a geographical break-up of the revenues only for select quarters. The latest two quarters for which such a break-up was available were the quarters-ended December 2009 and June 2009. The analysis of the sum of these two quarters provides an interesting insight. In these two quarters, the global telecom revenues of Vodafone, across its voice, messaging and data businesses, aggregated to Rs 1,401 billion (Rs 140,100 crore). Of this, India contributed Rs 106.30 billion (Rs 10,630 crore), or 7.59 per cent.

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