January 02, 2012

life in general: ugly nature of new year celebrations

I do not believe in new year eve celebrations for technical reasons (it being just a convenient Gregorian year and nothing more) as well as for a social reason of not being a participant in an event that gets celebrated in many places in India (and I guess around the world as well) in a vulgar and violent manner. 

The excessive drinking of alcohol, sexual harrasment of women and physical intimidation of anyone who objects to the former two are some of the ways the vulgarity and violence is displayed during new year eve celebrations.

Take, for instance, what happened, two days ago, in Gurgaon city (in Haryana but also a part of the Delhi-National Capital Region) on the night of December 31, 2011. The newsreport below and a youtube video of a TV channel's coverage (along with comments in that youtube link) after that newsreport describe what happened.


Two cops injured in thwarting molestation bid

PTI | 09:01 PM,Jan 01,2012 Gurgaon, Jan 1 (PTI) Two constables were injured when they took on a group of drunk youths who were trying molest a girl on New Year eve on MG road, police said today. An FIR was today lodged against unknown persons for attacking the two constables when they tried to save the girl. According to SHO Jagdish Yadav, a group of youths who were in an inebriated condition assembled on MG road after midnight on New Year eve and were shouting and harassing girls and couples on the road. One of the youths tried to molest a girl who was alone, Yadav said. Policemen at the scene tried to save the girl, which led to a scuffle, prompting police to resort to lathi-charge, he said. In the ensuing melee, two constables, Anil and Pawan, were injured, the SHO said, adding, they were taken to a private hospital. Some youths also suffered minor injuries, Yadav said.

The video whose link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcR-4YJmlaU

This is a classic case of drunken behavior and what excess of alcohol can do to human beings...it is the same anywhere in India or abroad...remember what happened to Jessica Lal...that was in Delhi and it was a normal day...recently Anuj got shot dead in London by a drunken person...remember the mob in the pub in Mangalore...the same thing happened in Mumbai last year...so this is a sad commentary of half men who need alcohol to live in the illusion that they are men....kudos to the policemen

This is not GGN crowd (spcly few casts).Crowd is frm NATIONAL CAPITAL who ddnt get place in Delhi. They were angry as they cdnt entered in prereserved Pbs & Dscs. This is not the problem of any special city or cast. Desease is increasing year by year for "Grgrian" New year. People use to get MAD on this eve without any reason. Nothing is changed from 31st to 1st except date. 

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