June 29, 2012

reliable human genius?

There are some things which we are able to take for granted fairly easily. We are confident that our planet Earth will revolve around itself in 24 hours. We are sure that our planet Earth will complete one revolution around the Sun in 365 days. In the night sky, we see innumerable spots of light we call stars, galaxies and planets. We are certain they will not land on our heads and stay where they are or move in their respective orbits. The unique aspectin all these phenomena is they were not created by humans nor are humans able to control them. Yet, we have so much faith in them.

Can we claim to have the same confidence for all things created, designed and controlled by humans? Surely, there are many man-made things on which we are heavily reliant and undoubtedly the genius human mind is behind the technological and other advancements made so far. But this same genius mind is also unwittingly or deliberately ignorant of the devastating effects some or many of the man-made creation causes. These can play havoc.

Take, for instance, the field of medical science. Should we be taking every single thing that medical science tells us to be sacrosanct? I have never let myself get blinded by the tall claims of modern medicine and have, by and large, availed of pure nature-based remedies to take care of health-related issues.

I personally know of a couple who in September, last year, saw their little daughter, less than a year old,  struck with a severe bout of febrile convulsion. They were terribly shaken up by that incident and later on after they analysed in great detail everything related to the issue of convulsions they concluded the culprit was the vaccine they had given our daughter 2-3 weeks before that. Up until then, they were giving our daughter all the prescribed vaccines. They have not inflicted any vaccines on their daughter after that.

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