December 23, 2012

(part 2) abuse of women/girls -- india's shame

The government of India is drunk with power and gotten so arrogant that it imposed a sick legal provision (Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code) of banning the people from meeting in groups of 5 or more in the entire city of Delhi. This is to prevent people from protesting the most brutal gang-rape of a young girl in Delhi a week ago.

This is plain fascism by the government of India which comprise of prime minister, Manmohan Singh, Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi, ministers (holding various important portfolios) such as home minister Sushil Shinde, finance minister P Chidambaram.

The protests happening in Delhi in the past 3 days have been sought to be tear-gassed brutally, water-cannoned cruelly in the ongoing harsh winter days, and physically beaten up by policemen's heavy sticks.

For the government of India democracy is something you pay a lip service and as long as citizens do not protest their decisions.

I am disgusted, but am fully sure that justice will be done in the form of taking away power from the ruling party. Not that the alternative BJP is any better and more so when a violent-minded Narendra Modi is being cheerleaded by a vast majority of Hindutva-minded Indians. But at least the current government should go. Congress-UPA's second term from 2009 should never have happened and I hope all those who voted for it are regretting it heavily.

Here are some images from another blog:

Where were you dear policemen when she needed you? [Delhi protests in pictures]

It is astonishing to see the sudden activity of the law keepers in the city. As a huge number of people turned out at various parts of Delhi to protest against the rape incident, they were cruelly dealt with by the “active” Delhi Police.
Delhi protests againts bus rape case
You can see pictures of water cannons and how gushes of water was used to drive away “angry” protesters. Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t be angry?
Delhiites protesting
You can see people holding banners of “Is this the characteristic of a fast developing country?” Are they wrong in asking dear government? Of course you claim to be building broad roads, letting the FDI in retail and all the hullabaloo about being progressive, but we simply don’t care. Where are our basic rights?
Delhi protests
Women also get beaten up by the policemen. Such a pretty picture of a free democratic nation. Isn’t it?
Aam Aadmi
Aam Aadmi party members were also participating in the demonstrations. Such an ironic picture the above is, wearing aam aadmi caps, they get beaten up by police. A very apt depiction of the exact situation of our country.
India gang rape protests
A really large number of people have been turning out at the demonstrations.
Delhi protesters
Is this what they mean when they talk about taking strong measures to protect women in the city?
Delhi Protests
Police use teargas, water cannons as protests intensify at India Gate. Here is more on the situation

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