January 06, 2013

(part 5) abuse of women/girls -- india's shame

This young man who was a friend of the young woman, who lost her life 2 weeks after being raped by 5-6 men in a moving bus in Delhi, and who was accompanying her on that day has given an interview to an Indian TV channel, Zee News, two days ago. The TV channel has not recorded that part of his interview in which he is giving the details of what happened in the bus during the heinous act of rape because it would have been extremely shocking to listen to. The police of Delhi has, instead of hanging its head in shame, has registered a criminal case against the TV channel for airing the interview. The Delhi police, acting on orders of the government of India (headed by such supposedly honourable men as the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and other ministers), does not want the Indian media to show any thing pertaining to that day's crime which would show the police and the administration in bad light.

This is the link to that interview:


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