April 11, 2017

IT/software companies' top management pay ratios

In the wake of Naryana Murthy's recent dissent on rise in management pay at Infosys, here are some interesting stats on Infosys and 4 other large-cap IT companies:

Aggregate remuneration of Infosys' top management was 1,190 times the median remuneration level at

Infosys, much higher than TCS's 592 times, Wipro's 663 times and HCL Tech's 954 times. It was lower only than Tech Mahindra's 4330 times.

Top management included CEO, COO, CS, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chief Strategy Office etc.

Median mean remuneration Key management persons' KMP remuneration
remuneration over median
(in rupees) (in mln rupees) (number of times)
Infosys 521000 619.9 1190
TCS 558000 330.2 592
Wipro 525000 347.9 663
HCL Tech 587000 559.9 954
Tech Mahindra 522000 2260.1 4330
Figures pertain to financial year 2015-16 (Jul-Mar) for HCL Tech
and 2015-16 (Apr-Mar) for rest

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