April 21, 2008

life in general: (part 4) left's modi on rampage again...

This is horrific. I refer to the gang rape by Communist Party of India (Marxist) goons of a Nandigram-woman-activist who has been among those opposing the SEZ (special econo
mic zones) policies of party's government in the state of West Bengal at Nandigram. I share below an email I just got from Narmada Bachao Andolan. Some newsreports on the horrendous incident are here and here.

The world ought to tell India "What is the point in your bragging about being the largest democracy on Earth when you have no honest intent in honouring it?" My earlier blog posts on this issue are at part 1, part 2 and part 3.
(in the map alongside Nandigram is marked out in a yellow circle...Calcutta or Kolkata is also seen...)

From: medha@narmada.org
Date: 20 Apr 2008 21:59
Subject: [nbapresslist] Condemn the Gangrape of Radharani Ari in Nandigram
To: nbapresslist@lists.riseup.net

National Alliance of People's Movements
News Update/Action Alert
20 April 2008


The shocking news from Nandigram where the battle is still on, is of the gang
rape of Radharani Ari from the village of Gokulnagar and the attack of three
other women, all of whom are hospitalized at the Nandigram Public Hospital. The
men are said to be missing. In a fresh attack around midnight and beyond April
18th , known CPI (M) members and Hamad Vahini Party’s armed force from
Khejuri, who are like goons attacked the house of Radha Rani and Pratap Ari,
threw Pratap Ari in the tank nearby and gang-raped Radha Rani Ari for the
second time, in her own house.

Radharani Ari is one of the women at the forefront of the struggle. Coming from
a dalit landless family, supported by Pratap Ari, her husband, Radharani was
always protesting against the SEZ chemical hub project and giving away the
land, houses, nature, and culture of Nandigram. Her heart and soul are in it
and she is one of the most articulate and courageous women and had even toured
the places of struggle in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra,
with us in Nandigram-Narmada- Gorai Jatha.

Narmada Sheet has also been a very committed and outspoken agitator from
Sonachura. Other women attacked, include Mona Pramanik and few men were also
missing when the news reached us early yesterday morning. Till this time, Radha
Rani, Pratap, Ari and Narmada Sheet and some others are in the Nandigram
and a few in Tamluk. At least 20 houses have been attacked since
yesterday and 100 members of the families, along with houses, much destroyed
and belongings looted, have become homeless, left to be supported by the BUPC
Committee. These atrocious incidents occurred in Gokul Nagar, Sonachura,
Gadhchakrabedia, under the leadership of Nabakumar Samanta and other CPM active
cadres and leaders from Garu Pada, Gokul Nagar, some of whom came from Kejuri.
Reportedly, there were also blasts in some houses, including in the house of
one Kokhon Sheet, who was just released, after months long judicial custody.

Nandigram continues to be one of the worst blot on the face of Indian
democracy. These atrocities continue to happen and recur in Nandigram with the
active involvement of the local CPI(M) cadres and leaders and tacit approval
and blessings of the party leadership at various levels. With most of the
victims for earlier incidents of violence, not even having received just
compensation for atrocities perpetrated against them, and in fact false cases
foisted against the victims of violence, as against the perpetrators, these
fresh blows in their already scarred lives is nothing short of a death blow to
the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the valiant residents of Nandigram

Condemning the continuing violence in Nandigram in the strongest possible
terms, we immediately demand the following:
1. All the accused must be immediately identified, charged and arrested
for gang rape, grievous hurt, intimidation, assault, illegal confinement and
wrongful detention and other relevant penal provisions.
2. The National Human Rights Commission must take immediate cognizance of
the violations in Nandigram and recommend stringent penal action against all
those involved, including instituting an inquiry into the involvement of the
CPI(M) leadership and cadres in the planning/abetment/execution of the crimes
3. The National Commission for Women must immediately constitute a
fact-finding delegation that must visit Nandigram and submit its Report to the
NHRC and also direct immediate payment of compensation to all the women raped
and all others injured.
4. Free legal, medical, psycho-social and other aid and support must be
provided to the women and all victims of state and party violence in Nandigram.
5. Compensation to all the affected and attacked, with houses destroyed
and rapes/molestation faced, must be paid immediately as per the High Court

Debjeet Shrikant Medha Patkar
West Bengal.


Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee – Nandigram
Nandigram :: Purba Midnapur :: West Bengal

Ref No ............
Date: 19-04-2008

List of the persons injured by CPI(M) goons

Sl. No. Name Village Age
6.Radharani Ari (raped) Gokulnagar 50
7.Mani Pramanik Gokulnagar 35
8.Chabirani Pamanik Gokulnagar 50
9.Pratap Ari Gokulnagar 55
10.Nandu Mandal Gokulnagar 30
11.Phanindranath Mandal Gokulnagar 73
12.Sudarshan Pramanik Gokulnagar 37
13.Gopal Ari Gokulnagar 22
14.Subhendu Ari Gokulnagar 20
15.Sheik Golam Ahmed Nagekirachar 46
16.Sheik Nazrul Islam 7th Part,Jalpai 45
17.Sheik Mafijul Islam 7th Part,Jalpai 58
18.Hafeja Bibi 7th Part, Jalpai 28
19. Najma Bibi 7th Part, Jalpai 30
20.Sheik Rejaul 7th Part,Jalpai 28
21.Sheik Abdul Rashid 7th Part,Jalpai 45

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