February 18, 2010

life in general: al-queda/taliban & maoists are the other side of the terrorism coin

One side of the terrorism coin is the state itself. The other is the private, renegade groups on the lines of Al Qaeda/Taliban and India's Maoists. Both are doomed to fail as human qualities of goodness and peace increases and sustains.

In the last one week, the violence by such groups have killed innocents. Just today, according to one news report among many, India's Maoists have murdered about 10 villagers in the eastern state of Bihar. A few days back they had gone a killing spree, shooting dead around 20 policemen, in a town in the eastern state of West Bengal.

A few days back, a high-intensity bomb exploded in a bakery in Pune city in the western state of Maharashtra and killed around 10 people, mostly college students. This was, very likely, an act of a new recruit of the Taliban-like extremist groups operating mostly out of Pakistan. Al-Queda is also active in its plans and American cities are still at risk (although I do not think 11 September 2001 involved only Al-Qaeda and I think there was an involvement of the Bush regime to bring down three buildings on that day).

These renegade groups put forth the rationale of revenge -- say, something like "your country/government has killed our innocent people and we are only seeking justice". But what these private groups forget that justice is not got if served on those who are not directly responsible for the pain of the people they claim to represent. What they indulge in is nothing but murder and is nowhere close to being any kind of justice.

These groups will not succeed. What will succeed, however, is a persistent and non-violent approach to seeking justice. The same amount of money and passion used by extremists if channeled in non-violent and legal direction then a positive outcome is guaranteed.

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