December 06, 2011

life in general: remembering mom

When she encountered me, her son, who could not but rebel against many of the regressive societal norms and meaningless traditions, she would outwardly argue with me but inside she was mightily thrilled to see me rebel. Oh, how we would verbally fight with each other! Yet I knew she, without any negativities, went along with my decisions.

She was my Mom; no more with me and my family since a spring day five years ago. That day, a fine lady took a bow from the physical Earth plane having been here for a little over six decades.

When fine mothers pass away they leave such fine memories that even five years later a son like me cannot but want to write about her, her persona. My Mom was the most liberal parent I could have ever hoped for, though she herself chose to adhere to many of Indian society’s societal obligations imposed on her as a working woman, wife and a mother.

Notwithstanding her concerns about a few of my actions and decisions, she had the uncanny ability of understanding them from my perspective. There was soundness behind her liberal nature – she had the ability to sense a person’s core worth and gave it complete preference over the person’s exterior appearance and features. Mom had her weak spots and failings too – but these would never be of a nature that would hurt others. She took the brunt of it all on herself.

Even in her sufferings she would keep a cheerful persona. Her last  4-5 years were the toughest for her body on account of a severe heart disease coupled with diabetes. She would be in severe discomfort yet was determined to fight it out gracefully. While allopathic medicines rule health care today and my Mom too took recourse to it, she was very open to natural remedies and found a natural ally in me.

My Mom got freed of the physical pains and I am very happy for that. My loveliest Mom: you touched many lives in a way that their fondest memories have you in it!

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