March 21, 2011

life in general: (part 5) japanquake11mar11: when disaster strikes

Humankind is selfish. It thrives on planet Earth thanks to the bounty of natural resources that our Earth provides with major support from our Sun's energy and a little support from universal energy. But most of us are not sensitive, or grateful, to this bounty from nature. On the contrary, there is limitless arrogance on the part of industrialists, owners of companies, government heads, politicians, bureaucrats, senior scientists, media editors and almost every other influential category of people that humankind can keep on exploiting natural resources endlessly because human beings are so very intelligent.

But when an intense disaster strikes, emanating from a natural phenomenon, such as one we have seen in Japan last week, at least some among us begin to fathom the power of the forces of nature operating on our Earth. The connection with Earth is felt the most by those directly affected by the disaster. For instance, the people of Japan are today grieving intensely for the enormous loss of life, homes and property that have been thrust upon them due to the earthquake and tsunami.

But natural disasters have happened in the past too. With honorable exceptions, most of us tend to see just the technical reasons behind a natural disaster. So, if we are struck by an earthquake, we say the tectonic plates below the surface of Earth moved. Or, if we are struck by a flood, we attribute it to heavy rains.

Some of us, however, acknowledge that there is some kind of connection with the unbridled exploitation of natural resources for man's consumption pleasure and the forces of nature.

Japan's quake has brought out the dangers of nuclear energy, a strong example of mankind's arrogance to fiddle with natural elements. I don't think there will be many among those Japanese falling sick due to the radiation leakage who will ever favour nuclear energy. There has been a major move by Indian government recently to kickstart nuclear energy plants. A mild dose of the leaking radiation in Japan should be imparted to those in government and industry who are forcing nuclear energy on India.

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